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    We can't solve our problems with the same thinking
    we used, when we created them.

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    NN4Energy Clean Energy

    The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.
    ~Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    NN4Energy Make A Difference

    Go into the world and do well. But more importantly,
    go into the world and do good.

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    NN4Energy Clean Air

    Climate change may be debatable...Clean air is not.

Our Projects

Electric Bus
Solar Energy
Power Desalination
Grid Balancing


Solar Parks

Company incorporated and 150 MW private solar park developed; Consent by State empowered committee to develop 125 MW integrated power desalination project.

Sanction for national clean energy fund

First solar thermal hybrid waste heat recovery project with Shree Cement limited. Only project to get National Clean Energy Fund sanction for private sector project

REC Approval

REC accreditation of Solar thermal hybrid project. First regulatory order in the country approving the metering scheme proposed

Electric Buses

Strategic investment by Mytrah Energy India Limited; Enabled sanction of 25 electric buses for Himachal Pradesh - a first in the country; Consortium to turnaround a base load gas plant into a grid balancing asset.

Solar Rooftop

Foray into solar rooftop through an innovative leasing model; Received order for first set of electric buses in the country


Mozev is the one stop platform that makes emission free transport viable


Our Latest News

Brand Consulting
Enabling Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are found to be most effective in combating local air pollution with zero tailpipe emmissions and lower noise pollution in buses.

Brand Consulting
Subsidizing Natural Resources – Double Whammy

Subsidizing natural resources like coal, oil result in a double whammy of increasing wastage of natural resources and ineffectiveness in bringing affordability to “common man”.

Our Collaborators